I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual

I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual

“When our voices shake, that’s when the words need to be heard the most.” – Luvvie Ajayi

Book two of the new year was this hilariously-honest book written by Luvvie Ajayi, also known as @AwesomelyLuvvie in the blog world.

You know the overused saying, “I’m not the one to judge..?” Well, all of that is out of the window in this book as Luvvie announces that she’ll be the one to judge you then.

Throughout the chapters, she breaks down edgy and uneasy topics that we often stay away from. These topics include friendships, relationships, race, culture, sexuality and much more, which she provides her take on America’s (or most people’s) viewpoint on them.

One of my favorite sections (among many) was the one on culture and the chapter ‘Zamunda is Not a Country, Neither is Africa‘. Being that Luvvie is Nigerian and details the misconception that people often (actually more times than not) have about people from Africa, it was so relatable..because…Nigerian, duh. — Yes, we wear clothes at home. No, there isn’t a lion in my backyard. I don’t speak African; it’s Igbo. And my name really isn’t that HARD to pronounce if you learn it right the first time. 🙂

Hilarious book I promise you! An eye-opener that will pull you to start these conversations that we never really want to bring up.


Overall, we’ve got to do better, people. And I’m sure you can discover it by picking up this great book, one page at a time.

So, as of February 7th, this book is becoming a TV series developed by Shondaland (Shonda Rhimes). It will be way cool to see this be brought to life, and I cannot wait!

Goodbye My Almost-Lover

Goodbye My Almost-Lover

So I’m randomly thinking about my ex and

I’m here to say it’s not cool..not cool at all, okay?

I’m also here to tell you, it’s perfectly okay. (Haha).

I mean seriously, honestly. Let’s think about this for a moment:

How on God’s precious earth is ANY one supposed to wake up one morning and forget the countless memories you’ve shared with someone??

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By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

OK, so my close friend told me that since I am becoming such a book worm–when really I just have a little more time now to read– I should add a segment on my blog where I “review” the books I read. My first read of 2017, was this dazzling novel of race, love, and identity.

So, without telling too much, the story details a young girl, Ifemelu, who leaves the comfort of her life in Nigeria to live in the United States for school. Along with her family, friends, and a piece of herself, she leaves behind her very first love, Obinze. Long story short, she loses touch with him while in America, in the midst of her troubles and experiences and returns to Nigeria, where she discovers Obinze has “moved on” with his life: a wife, a child, and successful career.

Readers, what would YOU do if you were in a situation as the lover, and you and your first ever love still had the same feelings for each other, but time passed and he/she’s married now with kids? What would YOU as the wife/husband want your spouse to do before any infidelity occurred? Leave your thoughts below in the comment box! 🙂

Americanah is  a great story-line of the toils of  America (as an immigrant) and how race and one’s “struggles” really affects the whole person. Pick it up in your nearest bookstore. 


22 Years & 22 More

22 Years & 22 More

TWENTYtwo years ago I poked my head into this world. I made my debut. I conquered the stage. And each year as I grew older, I grew wiser. I took things from the previous year that stuck with me or taught me lessons. Knowingly and unknowingly.

Birthdays have always been dear to me just for the simple fact that the entire day belongs to you to seize and make the most of it. Whether it is by having brunch at Another Broken Egg or happy hour drinks with your gal pals. It is your time to celebrate your good life and go on a living spree.

I have this theory about my birthdate. With it being the seventh day of the month and 7 being the number of completion, I was meant to be haha. Here are 22 things I have discovered approaching year 22:

  1. Do not be afraid to defend your roots. 
  2. I’m so thankful that God has positioned me in such a place to be called blessed. 
  3. No man is an island. But sometimes you just have to stand alone in some things. 
  4. Do not beg people to be or stay in your life.
  5. When you begin to walk in the calling that God has for you, your glory will manifest. 
  6.  I know what I want & know exactly what I don’t want. 
  7. Take care of yourself. The whole person. Mind, body, and spirit. 
  8. Live life. And love the life you’re living. 
  9. Say “yes.” Thanks, Shonda. 
  10. Jump. 
  11. Two things I will never be afraid of: being a follower of Christ. Being black.
  12. Romans 8:28.
  13. Grey’s Anatomy is an awesome show!! Haha. (Yes, I discovered this at age 22 after binge watching all 12 seasons this summer.)
  14. Be a fountain, not a drain.
  15. In this world of chaos, when so many things are becoming the norm, remember who you stand for…and what.
  16. You’re not asking for too much, just asking the wrong person.
  17. “I’m too single to be irked; ya hear me!?” – @rachiethekid
  18. Raise your own stakes.
  19. I declare to no longer be on bad terms with anyone. Dislike me on your own; I wish everyone the best. 
  20. It’s not bigger than God.
  21. Humility and maturity.
  22. I really just hope everyone discovers true happiness. 
Whoever said sky’s the limit is looking dumb. / Cause I’m 22 moonwalking on the sun.

– ardubb.