enVISIONing a better future

enVISIONing a better future

Most people often create “vision boards” at the start of the new year; it’s a way to visually depict your goals and well, vision for yourself. However, a vision board does not have to just stop here at your ‘new year’s resolution.’ For every large endeavor you venture into, major milestone you reach, new door that is opening, I think it is essential. This is your way to draw your self a map– or blueprint — and let this be your game plan for tackling everything you set out to achieve. With the fact that I just started grad school (and trust I absolutely have to blog about this), I finally got around to creating my very own.

Here are my top five tips for creating an awesome vision board:

  1. Write your goals and visions down— whether you jot it down in the notes section of your cell-phone or write it out in a prayer journal, doing this helps you to think of what you really want to accomplish for yourself.
  2. Collect all your favorite magazines— there’s a reason they’re your favorite, so all your favorite things will be in there. Whether it be a med-journal or fashion mag, they will essentially hold your interests in them…in picture form!
  3. Decide what you want to put it on— corkboards, poster boards, tri-folds. It is up to you where you want this vision hanging on. I actually used a small poster board to mount the cutouts on and then tacked it to my giant corkboard.
  4. Know that you are not limited to magazine pictures— consider using your own personal photographs, printing images, writing out exactly what you want on your board that you just can’t seem to find inΒ Essence.
  5. Lastly, pray over your board— this may sound weird, but these are your plans and goals that you wish to see pass. Talk to God about what you’ve just created and ask that your plans align with the plans He has for you; after all– “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed…” NLT.

Look at your vision board in times of encouragement and just a visual reminder to keep you motivated!

My personal vision board

– ardubb.Β