Cole World, No Blanket

“Club jumping, don’t stop, off top.. But you know we only go ’til two o’clock.”

I became a J. Cole fan back in 2010, after several attempts from my older cousin to give this then new artist a try. Countless efforts (I was adamant about not listening to him) led me to finally pop in my earphones and as I listened to the lyrics, I couldn’t believe that J. Cole would soon become one of my favorite artists to date.

Surreal how close to the stage we were. I can relate to the girl’s faces in the back, haha. 

June 5, 2017 • I FINALLY got to see him on stage in the city that I’m from (no one EVER comes to Jackson). Doors opened at 8PM and after hearing that people were already waiting in line since 1:30, I raced down to Hal & Mal’s to make sure I was one of the very first in the door. Mission. Accomplished.

Opening Acts: 

Dreamville artists, Lute, Ari Lennox & J.I.D blazed the stage before Cole himself hit

How I go from landing shows to landing deals, on the road to success that’s how it feel. 
Would you hit it in the backseat of my ride?
Melancholy cool, Matthew McConaughey. On a money mission tryna get it.



​​Such an intimate performance. He performed the entire album straight through, along with a couple of hits from previous albums. Check out my video reel here.


– ardubb. 


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