Goodbye My Almost-Lover

Goodbye My Almost-Lover

So I’m randomly thinking about my ex and

I’m here to say it’s not cool..not cool at all, okay?

I’m also here to tell you, it’s perfectly okay. (Haha).

I mean seriously, honestly. Let’s think about this for a moment:

How on God’s precious earth is ANY one supposed to wake up one morning and forget the countless memories you’ve shared with someone??

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By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

OK, so my close friend told me that since I am becoming such a book worm–when really I just have a little more time now to read– I should add a segment on my blog where I “review” the books I read. My first read of 2017, was this dazzling novel of race, love, and identity.

So, without telling too much, the story details a young girl, Ifemelu, who leaves the comfort of her life in Nigeria to live in the United States for school. Along with her family, friends, and a piece of herself, she leaves behind her very first love, Obinze. Long story short, she loses touch with him while in America, in the midst of her troubles and experiences and returns to Nigeria, where she discovers Obinze has “moved on” with his life: a wife, a child, and successful career.

Readers, what would YOU do if you were in a situation as the lover, and you and your first ever love still had the same feelings for each other, but time passed and he/she’s married now with kids? What would YOU as the wife/husband want your spouse to do before any infidelity occurred? Leave your thoughts below in the comment box! 🙂

Americanah is  a great story-line of the toils of  America (as an immigrant) and how race and one’s “struggles” really affects the whole person. Pick it up in your nearest bookstore.