22 Years & 22 More

22 Years & 22 More

TWENTYtwo years ago I poked my head into this world. I made my debut. I conquered the stage. And each year as I grew older, I grew wiser. I took things from the previous year that stuck with me or taught me lessons. Knowingly and unknowingly.

Birthdays have always been dear to me just for the simple fact that the entire day belongs to you to seize and make the most of it. Whether it is by having brunch at Another Broken Egg or happy hour drinks with your gal pals. It is your time to celebrate your good life and go on a living spree.

I have this theory about my birthdate. With it being the seventh day of the month and 7 being the number of completion, I was meant to be haha. Here are 22 things I have discovered approaching year 22:

  1. Do not be afraid to defend your roots. 
  2. I’m so thankful that God has positioned me in such a place to be called blessed. 
  3. No man is an island. But sometimes you just have to stand alone in some things. 
  4. Do not beg people to be or stay in your life.
  5. When you begin to walk in the calling that God has for you, your glory will manifest. 
  6.  I know what I want & know exactly what I don’t want. 
  7. Take care of yourself. The whole person. Mind, body, and spirit. 
  8. Live life. And love the life you’re living. 
  9. Say “yes.” Thanks, Shonda. 
  10. Jump. 
  11. Two things I will never be afraid of: being a follower of Christ. Being black.
  12. Romans 8:28.
  13. Grey’s Anatomy is an awesome show!! Haha. (Yes, I discovered this at age 22 after binge watching all 12 seasons this summer.)
  14. Be a fountain, not a drain.
  15. In this world of chaos, when so many things are becoming the norm, remember who you stand for…and what.
  16. You’re not asking for too much, just asking the wrong person.
  17. “I’m too single to be irked; ya hear me!?” – @rachiethekid
  18. Raise your own stakes.
  19. I declare to no longer be on bad terms with anyone. Dislike me on your own; I wish everyone the best. 
  20. It’s not bigger than God.
  21. Humility and maturity.
  22. I really just hope everyone discovers true happiness. 
Whoever said sky’s the limit is looking dumb. / Cause I’m 22 moonwalking on the sun.

– ardubb.

Y’all mind if I praise God???

Y’all mind if I praise God???

So crazy that at 10 PM I was proclaiming how God is fashioning me to begin walking in my purpose and by 10:45 I was under attack by the enemy.

Y’all mind if I praise God? 

God you are sovereign! Your word says that no weapon FORMED and fashioned against me shall prosper. That includes weapons of character attacks. Weapons of words. Weapons of discredit. You. Are. God.  Read more


So Gone Over You 

“A-maka will still snap, kick down your doors until my heels crack.”

A few weeks ago, Chance the Rapper and a few others kick-started this freestyle (or written) challenge sampling Monica’s classic hit ‘So Gone.’ Many of the videos detailed guys giving their dedications to love whether it be to their girlfriends, wives, BMs, moms, and even the cutest I saw…their daughters.

Here’s my playful rendition of the challenge. By no means am I singer OR a rapper, haha. Hope you enjoy!

– ardubb. 



Happy September!

The best month. The blessed month.

This month houses some of the greatest people, the VIRGOS.

And if you don’t believe in signs and things like that, September babies are still the greatest. Hi my sister, my brother; welcome to the month of greatness.

May this month be filled with endless blessings and slayinggggs. May the only thing that falls in your life are leaves. May the sweet aroma of pumpkin fill the room with the scent of the green. (aka financial blessings, haha)

Hello, September. It’s nice to have you among us.