Alpha Swap 2016

Alpha Swap 2016

“Kiss Me, I’m an Alpha.” 🍀

What is a swap? 

Here is a night where CPC, IFC, and NPHC sororities and fraternities come together for a social or “mix-and-mingle.” Titled an ALPHA Swap, because each sorority or fraternity with the Greek letter ‘Alpha’ in their name participates! 

Alpha Kappa Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha. Alpha Chi Omega. Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Delta Pi. 

All in a night of fun…and LUCK!  

Big & Little Love

The one who puts its all together!

one of my bestfriends since the 4th grade


Love this little nugget like a little sister. She turns me up!
My front link and I after getting caught in the rain that night.


If I Had a Son…

If I Had a Son…

…8 things I’d make sure he’d know when it comes to girls.

1. In all things remain truthful. If she’s annoying you, tell her. And when she makes you all tingly inside (because girls are not the only ones that experience this) let her know.

2. Tell her she’s pretty. Even when she denies it 37 times. She knows she is but just to hear someone else agree will light up her face.

3. Take her for ice cream and bird watching. She’ll remember that moment over the MK watch you bought her. Trust me, it’s the little things.

 4. Claim her. Claim her. Claim. Her.

5. When the time grows weary and the strands seem weak, hold on. Look back at what first drew you to her. Hopefully, if it’s nothing serious, you’ll get over it together. And if not, ‘Que sera sera.’

6. Never let her get distracted by the next Joe Blow all because the Joe she’s got, won’t go.

7. Invite her. She probably won’t want to go anyway, but at least you offered.

8. Teach her how to play 2K. Lol, girls hate losing too.

And by no form or fashion are these the important things in a relationship, but they definitely matter. Just up thinking about some of the things guys sometimes are remiss of, but I’ve learned to trust the experience and let it ride.
– ardubb.