Jackson State University Homecoming 2015 

Jackson State University Homecoming 2015 

Coming home this past weekend to celebrate another school’s homecoming was exciting. Saw a lot of old highschool classmates and enjoyed a relaxing fall break.

You can take the girl out of the JU, but not the JU out of the girl. 

Southern Spirit Never Stops

Southern Spirit Never Stops

The finalé.

Last undergraduate homecoming.

This year’s homecoming theme was: ALL IN and the Golden Eagles were definitely all in.

We celebrate the week leading up unto the big game by various student organizations partnering up as a team and competing against each other for who ultimately has the most school spirit. Activities range from social media challenges, to scavenger hunts based on the school’s history, dance-off battles, and of course, the traditional Fountain Sit. Participants sit in the fountain located in the middle of the campus throughout the day until the last man is standing.

Even with such an eventful week thanks to the Student Government Association (and not so eventful week of loads of work thanks to Southern Miss professors), my homecoming was remarkably memorable.

Homecoming is such a huge weekend because alumni return to their alma mater, or in the world of Greekdom, their pledge chapter. Sisters from near and far come back to witness an exciting weekend and remember that: All That Glitters is Iota Kappa.

Friday night kickstarted the NPHC Step Show, in which my sorority won second place with the theme “Alice in AKAland.”

We then prepared for the Saturday Alumni Brunch where we had the opportunity to meet many alumni. The homecoming parade was also a blast, especially getting to see my very own sorority sister, Jessica Thompson ride through as Student Body Maid.

The tailgate was a live event. In conjunction with our fraternity brothers, Alpha Phi Alpha, there was enough food for people to get seconds. Music for people to party to. Merriment and celebration.

I can’t believe it is coming to an end during my undergraduate year. This homecoming truly showed me why our ‘southern spirit never stops!’






It’s 2:00 in the morning. 

I hear raindrops pitter-pattering against my window. 

Though, it’s a heavy rain, the type to cause distress and fear, it’s soothing, calming almost. 

Mindspace — cloudy. 

So many thoughts run through at a time, it forces you wide awake. Forces you from eating. Forces you. 

I’m thinking to myself, “How am I going to get up for the next daaaaaay!?” “Can class be cancelled?” “I need more…”

Bedspace — clear. 

It’s honestly amazing what writing can do. 

It’s honestly amazing what reading can do. 

It’s honestly amazing what sleeping..

Sleeping…I’m going to sleep. ️Goodnight. 




The crazy thing is that I wanted to avoid having a blog post about this subject published on my blog strictly about my senior year experience by any means necessary. However, being in a relationship is apart of my experience.

Imagine that along with staying on track with your assignments, remaining focused on graduating, maintaining involvement in all your student organizations, grounded in God and family, and keeping up with your own head, you have a second person to consider.

Someone who is on your mind constantly, daily, maybe every moment you remember to even think. Someone who drives you insane. But still makes you smile. Someone who can say so little in a sentence thats mean so much. Someone who is so far away in distance. Yet so near to your heart. It’s sappy, I know. Lol, gross. But it really has been my reality.

We all know that dating someone is a learning experience. You learn the other person. You learn yourself. You definitely learn how to deal with matters unselfishly (and selfishly). With learning, comes growth. No matter the outcome of the relationship, you definitely grow from it.

I guess the main thing to remember is to not get frustrated in the midst. Don’t become doubtful, discouraged, consumed and lost. If it’s real, it will work out for the good. And really, it won’t become a chore (like remembering to turn in your homework).

Just allow the experience to ride. 😌


This I Believe..

This I Believe..

So back when I was a sophomore in highschool in AP Language, we had an assignment entitled ‘This I Believe’. I vaguely remember if the assignment was modeled after a passage or reading we had just completed, but we had to write on something we “believe” in, serious or not, personal or playful.

Once the assignment was completed, my teacher was so kind enough to make it into a booklet for us to keep for the many years and read over and see if our beliefs remain the same. I’ve seemed to replace mine, but the other day, one of my classmates happened to stumble along the booklet and found my writing to send to me. I’ve decided to publish it on my blog! (Keep in mind I was only a 10th grader and my writing skills were still growing, lol). I encourage everyone to write a ‘This I Believe’, store it, and years later re-read it to see if some of the same values still hold true.
This I Believe…in Stopping to Smell the Roses

“There was a man complaining about having no shoes…until he saw a man with no feet.”

Simple things like this are what we fail to take the time out to appreciate. We fall to acknowledge life’s pleasures, but easily notice the pains.

Life often rubs us in the most uncomfortable ways that we find ourselves wanting more instead of being grateful for what we have. Everyday of my life, I make it a priority to se time aside and recognize the priveleges that I am able to enjoy that others cannot. Each morning I say to myself and others “Count your blessings, not your problems. Somebody didn’t wake up this morning.” It’s the little things, like the air around us that we breathe in and having clean water to drink, that we forget to be thankful for.

Someone asked me the other day, what I am most thankful for, and I replied, “I’m just happy to be alive.” It was just two years ago in ninth grade when I was in the hospital for a week with an infection so bad it caused my blood levels to be low. I remember feeling so weak and having to be rushed to the emergency room and that long ride in the ambulance; in seconds my life flashed before my eyes. I did not realize at that time that I was moments away from never ever smelling a rose again.

I realized from that point on, you just can’t take life lightly. And I’m grateful for that. For my family. Friends. The birds. The bees. The flowers. The shoes that I DO have. And most importantly the feet to put them on. I feel like life is too short for us to continuously bask on the things that we do not have. I believe that gratitude must be displayed in every action that we perform. Every chance we get, we must take the time out to “smell the roses” and show gratitude. It is in this, that I believe.