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No 8ams, just late AMs..

No 8ams, just late AMs..

It’s Sunday night. 

Laptop. Check. 

Notes. Check. 

Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety…Check. 

Your paper’s due at 8 a.m. You have a test in two days. 

I can think of the many times I’ve been distressed over my major, the classes, and the assignments. I often wonder is it all worth it? In the end, will this all matter? And then, there’s reality…check. 

At times when I look at my other peers, it seems like I’m the only one who has to put in the extra work until the late a.m. Sophomore year I tweeted once, “I wish I had y’all’s lives and y’all’s major.” Because, while everyone got to socialize, I didn’t understand why I was stuck in my textbooks. And then, my cousin reminded me, that it’s okay because in a couple of years, “they’ll wish they had your life.” 

Here’s some encouragement though in your time of stress. 

Remember, prayer will give you peace in the middle of your trouble. Keep Pray until something happens. Remain focused and remain consistent and don’t get discouraged. Quit looking at what everyone else is doing. Trust that God will direct you in the way that you will go and keep you on the path that  you’re destined for. He wouldn’t place more on you than you can bear. 


Keep it seventh letter

Keep it seventh letter

“And by 21 they thought I’d die, but I’m out here celebrating my post-demise.” 

Twenty-one years later, I look back on all the great things in my life. I feel so blessed and thankful to be here on earth for this long where many of my peers hardly ever reach 18. 

On September 7, 1994, a legend was born. I truly believe God has placed me on this world to be a change, to make a difference, and to fulfill a purpose that many others may not be able to. 

It took seven days for the world to be created. Seven is the number of completion. And on this day, the seventh, God looked at THIS creation and saw fit that ‘It was good.’ 

Here’s to 21 more years of life…and 21 more after that. It’s my duty to keep it seventh letter…G.