Let’s Skip the Introductions

Introductions are the most important aspects of starting something new, so let’s not skip the essentials. 

My name is Amaka R. Nwaokorie. 

  The ‘N’ in my last name is silent and is usually pronounced with a ‘W’. I decided to keep my blog name short and simple and about me. Therefore, I used my initials and substituted the ‘N’ for a ‘W’ and shortened the double-u to dubb. Welcome to ardubb.wordpress.com

I am a Biological Sciences/ Pre-Med major with a minor in Chemistry enrolled at The University of Southern Mississippi where I will be a SENIOR in the fall. This leads me to why I’m starting this blog. Being that it is my senior year, I want to document EVERYTHING including my experiences, photos, moments. I really want to create a visual and lasting memory of my final undergraduate year. And, I want you, the reader, to follow me along on my journey. 

This is only the beginning of the end…



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