It’s Complicated

12:29 am Every guy that has ever found you attractive & acted on it back pedals months after, that's when you've shown your worth.. I don't believe in Valentine Contrary to popular belief, I have never celebrated Valentine's Day with a significant other. Yes--take a moment to be appalled. Unless you count those times in …


Gone M.I.A in MIA

Travel VLOG | Miami Spring Break Vacation 2018 So my sister-friends and I took a trip down to South Beach Miami, Florida for what we liked to call a vacay, rather than Spring Break. See the thing is we are all out of college and some of us are even in the workforce "adulting." Nonetheless, …

Don’t Be “That Girl”

Twenty-Something 'N Counting

“You want to start watching wrestling just because a guy likes wrestling?”

My then best friend, Danielle, stared at me with confusion.  She actually enjoyed wrestling and watched it regularly.  She was into those sorts of things.  Wresting, other sports.  Any other time these things came up, she was usually the one talking, not me.  I had no interest in it.  But here I was asking her to teach me more about it.  And when she asked why I wanted to know, I don’t think she was prepared for the answer.

“Yeah.  Mr. Cox said he likes wrestling and I want something to talk to him about.” I replied plainly.

You see, my middle school was a typical catholic school. Uniforms, a couple nuns. However, the principal did the cishetero women and girls hitting puberty a ton of favors when it came to hiring substitute teachers.  For some reason, they…

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New year, new me. New me, who dis? Happy New Year to everyone reading this! I'm back and I'm better!--Haha, I say this every blog post when really I haven't made any progress; I have got to do better. Thank God you made it to the new year! I chuckled at this tweet I saw …

You're about to enter into a NEW season where you can't be stopped. - Isaiah 43:19 NLT

The 4-1-1

Hello readers. I already know what you're thinking: where have I been? It's been so long. Well between my school life, family life, and social life--that hasn't been so social--and still finding time to catch some z's, ardubb has been the furthest from my mind. Well...I'm lying..I have definitely kept it in the back of …